Every once in a while an artist emerges from the underground with an integrity and talent that guarantees their longevity. Adelaide MC and producer Delta is one such artist. His life has been shaped by his long standing commitment to hip hop culture. As winner of countless freestyle MC battles, he has forged an identity as a formidable lyricist and crusader for the elevation of MCing as an artform. After years of showcasing his freestyle skills in open mic sessions, he struck out to travel the world and in the process built a solid network of friends in every corner of the globe.

In 1999, Delta took a break from his philosophy studies and moved to The Bronx, where he collaborated with artists of the calibre of Cannibal Ox. Delta’s love for beat making and his knowledge of obscure old vinyl won him respect from some of hip hop’s finest producers during his early travels, one of them being London’s elusive Mark B. Though none of the recordings they made at the time have seen the light of day, the duo earmarked each other for future collaboration. Returning to Australia to complete his studies, Delta contributed the lead track for the Culture of Kings 2 compilation. Heavily rotated on national radio, “For The Kings” is still considered an Australian hip hop anthem, thanks to vivid imagery that stirred memories of the music’s golden years. On his second trip to the USA, Delta took no prisoners, appearing on stages in San Francisco, Compton, Manhattan and Brooklyn. There, Delta connected with Mojo the Cinematic (of live hip hop group Dujeous), another artist whose love of hardcore lyricism and positivity would see him become a prominent feature in Delta’s career.

DeltaThese travels inspired in Delta a singular goal: to record an album that illustrated his Australian hip hop experiences in a universal way. Back in Australia, Delta released the vinyl EP Paperweight as a teaser for what was to follow. While Delta’s reputation as a fierce battle rapper had secured him respect in underground circles, it was songwriting that gave him the greatest sense of fulfilment, and tracks like “The Rut” were evidence that his writing skills were flourishing.

In 2003, Delta participated in an inaugural freestyle competition between Australia and New Zealand, intentionally choosing to avoid both cursing and the clichéd punch-line approach to battling. He emerged victorious on the night, standing head and shoulders above the competition. In April and May 2004, he reconnected with old friend Mark B for an unprecedented national tour that paired an Australian MC with a producer and DJ from the UK. These shows led to their recording of “Mayday”, which would become the lead single for the forthcoming LP.

To complete the album, Delta reached out to friends from the global hip hop fraternity: MURS, of the famed LA independent crew Living Legends, New York’s Mojo and Melbourne elder statesmen Prowla and Trem. Most significantly, he returned to London, where Mark B provided the majority of production for what would become one of Australia’s most highly regarded hip hop albums. The Lostralian was released in early 2006 on Prowla and Menace’s Nuffsaid Records imprint. Rapturous reviews followed, with high praise from international media in particular.

Since The Lostralian, Delta has maintained his non-stop schedule of travelling and touring. The completion of his album only intensified his passion for the art of MCing and seeking out rare gems in the dusty record crates of the world. His stage show, always with three-time Australian DMC champion Staen1, is now the stuff of legend, thanks to seamless MC/DJ interaction, crowd-pleasing freestyles and his ever-expanding repertoire of recorded material.

Between long haul flights and performances, Delta crafted his sequel, aptly titled The Second Story. It’s a story he told with help old friends and new: Mark B, Mojo, The Dap-Kings, Psycho Les, Milano, Prowla and M-Phazes and more. The art apparent on The Lostralian was elevated and polished to perfection. The record excels: darker and more insightful, but at the same time more playful, with verses that have the listener reaching for rewind. In addition, it boasts a production aesthetic that evokes, but never attempts to emulate, the records that originally made hip hop such a powerful force in popular culture. It’s a sound unheard from the southern hemisphere. With The Second Story in the bag, Delta again be stepped to the stage with Staen1, touring extensively across Australia, Then heading to the states to launch the album at the famed venue Southpaw (RIP) in Parkslope, Brooklyn, to a ravenous crowd, sharing the stage with NY legends Ready Cee and DJ Mixx, EOW crew, Jigsaw The Puzzler, Dujeous, and Milano Constantine.

Since Delta's return from his 2009 travels, he locked himself away in the Studio, crafting the third instalment in what is to serve as his 'Trilogy of Terror' Aptly titled Pyramid Schemes. This album promises to push the limits of hip hop, showcasing the elevated form of hardcore yet conscious lyricism he has always been known for, a who's who of solid guests from both Australia and Abroad, and the type of Psychadelic Boom Bap production his crates have offered since his first release. Sound real scary? It's about to get horryfing. Welcome back to Lostralia.



"Delta is one of the rawest talents to emerge from Australia. He is the beating heart of Aussie hip hop"
- MURS (LA, Living Legends)

"Delta is the man heavy with the crate game. We both understand what hip hop needs today so it was easy to go in the studio and make a banger. Prepare to hear more heaters in the future."
Psycho Les (NY, Beatnuts)

"The only MC Down Under worth mentioning"
Vibe Magazine (USA)

"Those who still scoff at the very notion of Antipodeans spitting bars (as opposed to working in them) will revise their outlook upon hearing this magnificent album. 4/5"
- Hip Hop Connection Magazine on The Lostralian (UK)



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