Welcome to Lostralia

Welcome to lostralian.com!

Here you can find my music, merchandise, updates on my recording/performances, photos, shout outs from my worldwide family, links to old vinyl and music that inspires me, Alien Sightings.. the whole nine yards and a few extra miles. It's been years since my third album PYRAMID SCHEMES was released. We lost Mark B (R.I.P. King) but just know that I have gathered an unbelievable crew of extremely talented people on board for collaborations for my upcoming album - THYLACINE. All this time I have been working very hard to bring you the best material that I can. Please stay tuned, bookmark this page, and share the site with anyone you think will enjoy it!

But for now, lets cool out to this long lost footage of a live performance by one of Australia's Finest Bands.. PYRAMID (yes i did it deliberately)