Welcome to Lostralia

Welcome to lostralian.com!

Here you can find my music, merchandise, updates on my recording/performances, photos, shout outs from my worldwide family, links to old vinyl and music that inspires me, Alien Sightings.. the whole nine yards and a few extra miles. My first single, ALIEN (b/w CARRY ON) will be released on JUNE 1st 2012! More news on my album PYRAMID SCHEMES as more develops. Just know that I have an unbelievable crew of extremely talented people on board, and that we are all working very hard to bring you the best material that we can. Please stay tuned, bookmark this page, and share the site with anyone you think will enjoy it!

But for now, lets cool out to this long lost footage of a live performance by one of Australia's Finest Bands.. PYRAMID (yes i did it deliberately)