DELTΔ - Second Story CD

DELTΔ - Second Story CD
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Delta is Australia’s hip hop emissary to the world. Whether recording in London, rocking a stage with KRS-One in New York or crate digging for obscure 45s in Shibuya, Japan, his globe-trotting grass-roots networking has helped put the land down under up on the global hip hop map. As a staple on the compilations that forcibly pushed local product out of the underground and into a broader awareness around the turn of the century (notably Culture of Kings Volumes 2 and 3) and an unrelenting live performer ever since, the Adelaide artist has been a tireless ambassador for the art he embodies.

After years of cameos appearances, he made the trek to London to record his debut The Lostralian with producer Mark B. The result was one of the most sonically polished and complete hip hop albums yet to be graced with an Australian voice. Delta subsequently expanded his horizons further, performing in New York, Paris, London and Compton while building new links with heads from the deep underground.

Those travels, connections and the subsequent time in the studio are fully realised on The Second Story, an album which builds on the base he established with The Lostralian and is both more personal and more worldly than its predecessor. “This album is a lot more politically charged,” Delta explains, “which clearly comes from the economic climate, and the ongoing farce that is the war on Iraq. I hate to claim progression on my own behalf, but I will say that upon the first listen the listener should be able to hear that I have poured my heart and soul into these lyrics.”

Milano, of New York’s legendary Diggin In The Crates collective, rips the mic on the sinister “Mean” while Psycho Les of the Beatnuts bugs out on “T&A” to play counterpoint to Delta’s thinking man’s session. The welcome return of MC and vocalist Mojo the Cinematic, who also blessed Delta’s debut album, turns lead single “The Lines” into a tour de force. Underpinned by two members of New York’s legendary Dap-Kings band, trumpeter Dave Guy and guitarist Tommy Brenneck, it’s an open handed examination of the perils of cheating. Elsewhere, the album shows Latin funk flavor on “All Over” and offers a classic DJ-homage on “Higher Level”, which integrates searing cuts from Delta’s touring partner for over 100 shows and triple Australian DMC champ DJ Staen1.

Delta is unequivocal on the importance of the DJ to hip hop: “Staen and I have a very free and experimental attitude to music, but we are also heavily influenced by the ‘88 era of hip hop. Both of us grew up in that era of DJs being commanding figures who held it down both on stage and on record. The newfound attitude that the MC is the star and the DJ is nothing more than a jukebox needs to be crushed.”

This is one of the most complete, consistent hip hop albums to emerge from Australia to date, and it succeeds because it’s global while never relinquishing its local identity – proof, if any is needed, that the Australian voice has a place in the international hip hop milieu. Delta explains the meaning behind the album’s title: “The first album was a story, my story and the story of the artists involved, but it was also the story of my family and loved ones, the story of my fellow human and the struggles that we all go through.
The elevator door on the cover represents elevation of thought: if The Lostralian is the foundation, then this album is the second storey.”

Don’t let The Second Story go over your head.